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M.R. Nov 2015
Dear Dr. Fishman and Kathryn,
Thank you both so much for your kindness to me both as a patient, and even prior to that when I was searching for answers. You have given validation to all my looking for answers, and I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your medical practice. Thank you for your dedication in helping all of us become healthy … and hopeful!
E.F. Sep 2015
Dear Mrs. Fishman,
I am compelled to write after a number of encounters where you have extended yourself with exceptional compassion. I will attest that it is far from common practice today. Thank you for having perfect words for me Friday in my distress. Your excellence is greatly appreciated and does not go unnoticed
J.A. Aug 2015
Dear Dr. Fishman,
I write to convey to you and your wife and indeed all the staff at Optimal Health Physicians my sincere gratitude for the treatment I received from your clinic in the past seven months.

When I came here at the end of January 2015, I was indeed a sick man desperately seeking a solution to my many health issues. I remember stating quite categorically that what brought me to your clinic and what I looked to you for was healing. Now I can comfortably declare that that answer and the confidence that backed it was divinely inspired because I truly have been healed based on the bio-physical metrics and all relevant indicators. Of course, my greatest gratitude is to God for directing me to this clinic, but I am also very grateful to you and all your staff for being the agents that made this possible. Thank you very much indeed!

This appreciation will not be complete if I fail to thank you especially for the congenial environment you have created within the clinic which I think made me feel welcomed and at home during the many hours of infusion therapy. The impression I got (and will forever remember) is that your practice is about health and wellness, approached in a holistic way. You have also found a way to allow your amiable mien to rub off on your staff who were not only thoroughly professional but were consistently willing to serve and assist. Best of all was the unlimited access allowed to your medical library and your openness to discuss issues arising with me in great detail; I found this quite invaluable and I thank you for it.

Finally, I wish to place on record my gratitude to Mrs. Fishman for her tender and loving kindness to my wife and me over these months. She has been the silent live-wire of this clinic and I am pleased to see the practice grow so well under her watch. I certainly wish you and all at Optimal Health Physicians all the best in the future.
Yours Sincerely,

C.S. Apr 2012
Dear Dr. Fishman,
Jay and I want to thank you for faxing so quickly a script for my follow-up mammography. I didn’t realize that even with a PPO health insurance plan, I need a script. Gratefully, all is well!

Thoughtfulness like yours is appreciated more than words can say.


M.D.L. Jul 2010
Dear Dr. Fishman,
Enclosed is a copy of the Discover magazine article I mentioned during our phone conference last Wednesday. Dr. Linstrom, the neuro-otologist who successfully treats his patient’s chronic and debilitating pulsatile tinnitus with surgery, states that he believes the condition was a direct result of the ongoing Lyme infection that his patient was fighting at the time of the treatment. With the neurological issues of my own case in mind, I wonder whether or not the patient’s condition would have automatically resolved once his bacterial infection was eradicated. We’ll never know, but I certainly hope that would have been the outcome.

Perhaps you’ll find the information in this article useful as you continue your treatment of so many of us who were kicked to the proverbial medical curb by our own family doctors. Thanks again for the hope and restored health you dish out daily.


C.L. UNK 2015
Dr. Fishman,
Thank you for taking the time recently to listen to my story, exchange a few thoughts, and explain your business model. I am grateful.
N.M. Aug 2012
Dr. Fishman, I am most appreciative to you for all the care you have provided for Bob with his Lyme disease and also for explicit guidance to help him build and strengthen his body and immune system over the past years. We are most fortunate that you were able to take Bob as a patient. Truly, he was in desperate need of your help.

Additionally, I wish to thank you for being the most wonderful primary care physician I have ever had the privilege to work with. Your professionalism is exceptional — quite unique and remarkable. The care you have provided is of the very highest quality.

J.S. Oct 2009
Dear Dr. Fishman,

I want to thank you for taking J. as your patient. As she struggles through this dreaded disease and all it’s side effects, I am comforted when she and C. tell me that you listen to her and hear what she is saying. It has been a long road finding the way to you and from what I’ve read, it will be a long recovery.

You are a truly dedicated physician to have taken on Lyme disease with all its complexities. I’m grateful that you did and that J. is in your capable care. Work with her to help her get through this nightmare. Know by doing so, you are not only helping to heal her pain but our pain as well. No one wants to see their child suffer.

Thank you for your professionalism, dedication, concern and warmth.

In Appreciation,

A.O. Dec 2008
Dr. Fishman and Staff:

Thank you for everything you’ve done in keeping me healthy and understanding this disease when others would not.

I appreciate all you do.

T. and M.C. Dec 2008
Dear Dr. Fishman,

Thank God for leading us to you and for blessing you with all the special gifts that make you a truly wonderful and compassionate doctor. We are grateful to you for persevering to diagnose Tom’s illness of Lyme disease and to ultimately help him to return to good health again.

May God richly bless you and your family.

L.G. Dec 2014
To the Staff of Optimal Health,

I can not express to you the gratitude I feel for the impact you all have had on my life. Your determination, caring nature, smart medicine, loving spirits have not just treated my body but have soothed my soul countless times over the past year. There is no other medical team like you all. Thank you for your care and friendship.

Love and Blessings to you all,

C.P. Nov 2015
To Optimal Health Office Staff:

Thanks so much to all of you for taking time to help me and make me feel at home while I was at your office. It was a great experience, and I will always remember it fondly.

H.Z. Jun 2006
Dear Dr. Fishman,

I wanted to take this opportunity to tell you how much your office has changed my life. People care and are so accessible. It all started when a friend told me about you. I have never been to a doctor where they actually spend so much time with you.
No matter who you are, when you walk into Optimal Health you feel like you are so special. Thank you for having the vision and putting it all together. I am so grateful.


D., K., C., and M. Sep 2014
Dr. Fishman and Kathryn,

Words can not express our gratitude for the help you are giving C. and our family. Your generosity and willingness to consult with Dr. B. and advise her in order to help a stranger is such a blessing to us and a sacrifice on your part. Your changed our life. We know you are extremely busy but have a passion for your work! Thank you for educating about Lyme disease. It is truly misunderstood big time.

With love and appreciation,

E. M. Jun 2010
Dear Dr. Fishman,

I believe in God’s goodness, in generosity of spirit, and in the kindness of gentle people. I see them all in you. Stay as Great as you are!

God Bless You Always!

A.D. May 2009
Dear Kathryn,

We can never thank you enough for making arrangements to attend the Lyme events at Howard County Public Library and Howard Community College. As you know, patients are hurting and feel let down by the medical community. Your loving concern brings hope for individuals and for future change.


C. and K.S. Apr 2011
Dr. Fishman, Kathryn and Staff,

If only you could hear the prayers that fill each thought of you, and the smiles that warm each memory of the special things you do, you’d know you’re treasured more than words can say.

Thank all of you for your love, kindness, and sacrifice in helping C.! You are some of the kindest, most caring people we have met! Thank you, thank you for all you’ve done!

With love,

L. J. Apr 2009
Dear Dr. Fishman,

I attended the meeting and wanted to let you know how grateful I am that you are doing the work with Lyme disease and trying to get the message out. It was clear to me that you are very passionate about what you are doing. I brought my boyfriend with me to the meeting and I think your talk finally made it clear to him the seriousness of this disease.

Thank you. You are a kind, wonderful man.


L.F. Apr 2009
Dr. Fishman and Kathryn,

I wanted to take the chance to thank both of you for your help.

Kathryn, you gave my mother and I support when there was none to be found and that was priceless. Dr. Fishman has given me a great beginning to recovering my health when no one else would listen to my gut feeling. I would hope every doctor would strive to accomplish that, but I am realizing it is only a special breed that does that. Thank you for being that doctor!

I am walking with a cane and my energy is increasing. My vision is so close to being fixed. I really appreciate the efforts of the whole OHP team.

Keep up the great work!

Thank you,

J.F. Oct 2006
Dear Dr. Fishman,

This is just a quick “Thank You” note to say how much I’ve appreciated your care, and that of your staff over the past 15 months. I think we’ve made a great deal of progress in treating my Lyme disease. My skin is clearing up, my energy and brain clarity are good, and I think we’ve made so much progress.

Hope you and your staff are well. Please give all of them my thanks and my gratitude. You are terrific!

Most sincerely,

C. 2015
To everyone at Optimal Health,
For your kindness and caring; your thoughtfulness and empathetic compassion; your generosity of mind, heart and spirit; your gift of hope; I’m so very grateful to you.
Love, C
N.B Mar 2009
Dr. Fishman and Staff,
Thank you for getting my life back. I am grateful for all of you being so kind and compassionate for my health. This gift is from my heart to show you how thankful I am for doctors and medical staff that truly care about me. You!
Best wished with all my heart,
L.J.C. Mar 2006
Dr. Fishman,
You are the best doctor I have ever had. It saddens me that I must tell you that I must find a doctor who still accepts Medicare. I do not have sufficient income to pay. The part D RX takes even more of my income. So now, I pay part D plus increased Part A and B Medicare premiums, plus increased supplemental insurance premiums, plus the cost of medicine each month. With part D, I can no longer get free medicine from the pharmaceutical company.

My cardiologist said I had a mini stroke on Feb 25, I go back on Mar 28 for the results of my carotid artery scans and echocardiogram. On Mar 23, I had left eye surgery (cataracts removed and lens implant).

Please let me know if I could come to you once a year and the cost after December. Thank you for helping me through difficult times.

Dear Mrs. Fishman,
Several months ago you sent me several letters. They were full of kindness, caring and love; which was exactly what I needed. Thank you so much. Several years ago, Dr. Fishman cured my sister of angina. She is deeply grateful. I wrote to Dr. Fishman hoping he would know someone to help me find a doctor to treat my cancer instead of my choosing a person off the internet. Please stay wonderful and caring.
PS: The head of the White House Committee on Aging told me about Dr. Fishman.
M.A. Sep 2005
Dear Dr. Fishman,
Thank you for completing my handicap placard application yesterday on such short notice. I very much appreciate your prompt response. Without it, I would not have received my placard on time.
You have also been totally reliable in providing me with jury duty exemptions and physical therapy prescriptions. I sincerely feel your standard of service is exceptional.
I have also written a thank you note to Karmen who does a superlative job.
Best wishes,
Dear Norty and Kathryn,
Thank you for the generosity of seeing me so quickly and the time spent on diagnosing. I am deeply appreciative of your expertise and the gift of the first appointment. I expect to thrive under your care.
T.W. Jul 2008
Dr. Fishman,
Thank you for the comprehensive, insightful review-examination on Tuesday. And, my feeling that you understood my lateness. At least, in my preparation I finally realized that you were the one to ask the questions, first.
Also, it has become more clear to me how severe an HMO the U.S. Government is. Could there be a “light at the end of the tunnel” relative to the thinning ranks of people like myself? I should keep in mind that “life is expecting something of me”, and continue quotes from Viktor Frankl, like “I focus on what I am here to give.”

In my response to your asking about our daughter, I missed telling you about how much Barbara appreciated your discussion during her recent appointment. Also, that her meeting with Kathryn was very meaningful to her.

I look forward to our further meetings.
Again, thank you.

M.L. Jun UNK
Dear Dr. Fishman,
Thank you for sharing your time and expertise about Lyme disease with the citizens of West Laurel. Your presentation was excellent, full of great information and advice.
You obviously feel strongly about the issue and the need to increase public awareness of Lyme disease. Having someone with so much experience on the front lines of fighting this disease made for a very enlightening discussion.
Thank you again and best wishes with your practice and public education efforts.
C.D. Jul 2009
Dear Dr. Fishman,
I have truly valued our relationship as Dr. and patient over the last number of years. I have grown to love you, Kathryn and Karmen and the rest of your wonderful staff so much. But as you know I have lost my job with Pacific Institute after 16 years and have also lost my health care. I couldn’t afford the high Cobra payments to continue Carefirst/Blue Cross/Blue Shield and now have to rely on Medicare. I’m thankful that I at least have that. So I no longer will be able to continue as your patient. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the wonderful care you have given to me . I’m so glad that I have had you in my life. I know you will be retiring soon and I hope you will be able to get some well needed rest.
Much love to you all,
Dr. Norton L. Fishman,
I will always be very grateful to you and your kind spirit. May God always bless you and your family!!
C. Dec UNK
Hi Everyone,
I just wanted to let you know how blessed I feel to know such caring, loving, genuine compassionate giving people in my life.
Thank you so much!
To all the wonderful people at Optimal Health Physicians,
May the new year bring you and all dear to you only blessings.
B.S. Mar UNK
Thank you so much for going the extra distance and working so hard to get the I.V. treatment that I need.
To everyone at Optimal Health,
May all your hearts be filled with the wonder and warmth of the holiday season.
Thank you for all your time and caring.
K. D. C.& M.S. UNK
Thank you so much for working through Dr. Lara B. for C. Our family and C. would be lost without your help!! You are making a sacrifice of your time, energy, and selves to make a difference in the life of my daughter and, for that I am ever grateful!
In answer to prayer you are giving us hope in a really rough time.
Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!!
Wishing you a year of health, happiness and peace. Thanks for all the great care over the past 2 years!
To everyone in the office,
Thank you with all my heart, for your time, caring and believing. Wishing you smiles and a happy day.
Dr. Fishman,
Thank you so much for letting me shadow you and visit with your patients. It was a great experience. Please thank Ms. Fishman and your staff for being so kind and helpful. Best wishes!
To everyone at optimal health,
Thank you all so much for your time, caring, and help!
S.B. Jun 2008
Ms. Fishman,
Thank you so much for helping me get and appointment for my sister on such short notice. We almost lost her a few times but her Lupus is under control now and she is doing great! Thanks again,
To everyone in the Optimal Health Office,
Thank you for all your care.
Dear everyone in the office,
Thank you all again for your kindness, caring, hard work, and compassion.
With gratitude and wishes for a happy spring!
I just wanted to thank you for a wonderful ambulatory care experience this semester. I very much enjoyed coming in to shadow you. Your staff and colleagues were always welcoming, and sitting in on your dialogue with your patients was both a great review and a glimpse of things I have yet to learn. I truly appreciate your time and patience, and hope to someday be as wise as you!
These “flowers” are in appreciation of your professional skills. Your advice really makes a difference for me, thanks!
X. and M. UNK
Dear Dr. and Ms. Fishman,
We want to wish you a very happy, healthy and productive new year!!! We appreciate everything you’ve done for us and thank God for leading us to your office everyday. You guys are the best!!!
May you have a wonderful holiday!!!
With love and appreciation,
J. and S. Feb 2012
I want to convey how genially appreciative S. and I are…
Thank you for scheduling me in today and adjusting your feet, it is very helpful to us. I look forward to extending our gifts back to you as we resume our health and return to greater care. Just a simple message that brings the warmest thanks.
In gratitude,
Dr. Fishman and Crew,
I didn’t come around a lot in 2012, which I think we would agree is a good thing. So I wanted to make sure you know that I think what you/y’all do down in Rockville is the biggest gift to me and so many. Thanks for the good health!