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Our Therapeutics Apothecary

Targeted to Areas of Nutritional, Vitamin & Mineral Deficits

Nutritional supplements are concentrated foods. We view all food intake as satisfying the body’s biochemical requirements for the thousands of metabolic, neurologic, immune and tissue building processes, regardless of the food source.

When the body is under assault by infection and inflammation, the body’s normal supplies of core nutrients can become seriously depleted and many metabolic pathways become compromised. Concentrated and purified food ingredients can be selected to reinforce and replenish those deficiencies. Some patients with long-standing inflammatory conditions may need doses of vitamins and minerals far exceeding the reported average requirements (which were established at levels needed to simply sustain life).

We offer a number of nutritional supplements for sale at our office or by mail. These products are ones that we have investigated thoroughly and have been assayed for purity and content. We offer these products as a convenience to our patients and whenever possible at lower than retail prices. No one is ever required to take supplements or to purchase them from our office. You are free to use products from any source. We must, however, be made aware of any supplements or herbals that you are taking to consider any potential interactions with medications or other therapies.

We also have found that certain herbal products can be of benefit to our patients. For example, the herb commonly known as “cat’s claw” can be used as a subtle challenge to the body to elicit a reaction indicative of the presence of Borrelia burgdorferi. The historical record and modern research indicate that the herbs and nutritional supplements most often used for healthcare have an exceptional safety record. Similarly, confirmed cases of herb and drug interactions are rare.