OHP: New Patient Information
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New Patient Information

Steps to becoming a Patient

Prospective patients must fill out the "Prospective Patient Summary" form, and email it to messages@ohpmd.com. We have installed a patient portal on our home page and here, please register and submit your Prospective Patient Summary through this link. This form helps gives us some basic information about you, and the nature of the health conditions you are experiencing. Once we receive the form, we will contact you to arrange a "Prospective Patient Interview" with our Practice Executive. The purpose behind this interview is to further understand your health needs, and to discuss with you our policies and treatment approaches. Following this, you will be asked to complete the "New Patient Packet", and to setup an appointment. Once you become a patient, you will be setup with an account on our "Patient Portal" if you have not already done so.

Updates to Existing Patient Records

When existing patients have changes in their health conditions, please fill out the "Patient Health Update" form, and email it to messages@ohpmd.com at least three days prior to your next appointment. Your physician will review the changes and incorporate any needed adjustments into your treatment plan. Furthermore, if your patient demographic information changes, please fill out the "Patient Demographic Update" form, and email it to messages@ohpmd.com at least three days prior to your next appointment in order to ensure you have a quick check-out.

Please use the following email addresses when corresponding with OHP. We have had other email addresses in the past that have been discontinued, so please don't send any correspondence or requests to any other email addresses than the ones below: