Meet Dr. Rotunda
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Meet Dr. Rotunda

Dr. Roseanne Rotunda, DO, RN

Dr. Roseanne Rotunda, DO is a board certified doctor of internal medicine, licensed in both Maryland and New Jersey. She is also a licensed Registered Nurse in New Jersey. She graduated from the Accelerated Nursing Program at William Patterson University in New Jersey, and completed her Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine at DesMoines University in Iowa. She performed her residency at Union Hospital in Union, New Jersey in Internal Medicine.

Dr. Rotunda has also been working in a psychiatric unit treating patients with substance abuse, depression, bipolar disorder and psychoses since 2002. Dr. Rotunda’s greatest strength lies in her ability to effectively communicate with patients. In diagnosing and treating illness, she takes a holistic approach, focusing her attention on the whole patient: mentally, emotionally, as well as their physical well-being.

She’s a strong believer that we shouldn’t limit ourselves to anti-biotics only for the treatment of tick-borne infections. Through her patients, she has learned the importance of building up their immune system while they are undergoing treatment, and being proactive in terms of preventing re-infection.

Dr. Rotunda loves sharing her knowledge and teaching her patients what they are going through so they can make good decisions and take the right steps as a collaborative partner in their own treatment.

Dr. Norton L. Fishman, MD