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About Our Practice

On behalf of the professional, clinical and administrative staff of Optimal Health Physicians, welcome to our medical practice.

We seek to live by the following guiding principles and sincerely appreciate your comments and questions about our practice and your care:

Optimal Health Physicians' Guiding Principles

  • Every patient is unique and must be treated as a whole person.
  • Diagnosis and treatment must account for the individuality and complexity of each person.
  • Healing is a partnership between doctor/practitioner and patient.
  • A patient's preferences and self-awareness play an integral role in achieving optimal health.
  • The human body has a natural drive towards health.
  • Wellness can be facilitated by mobilization of the body's capacity for self-healing.
  • Education and empowerment are key components of our practice.
  • Our training and experience keep us on the leading edge of medical science and research.

OHP is founded on more than 35 years of practice in internal medicine treating individuals with a broad range of health concerns, from relatively straight-forward acute illnesses to those that are chronic and can become debilitating. We have always taken an open-minded approach to understanding and treating the whole person. We support choices made by many of our patients to incorporate healing and wellness practices such as acupuncture and meditation into their lives. Although OHP is not a primary care practice, we believe in close collaboration with our patient’s primary care doctors, specialists and other health care providers.

To unravel complex conditions we rely heavily on patients “stories,” which include not only their medical histories, but also family background, where they grew up and have made their homes, travels, life-styles, and occupations and work environments.

Over the last several years increasing numbers of patients have sought out OHP for treatment of a range of often confounding symptoms that have become recognized as the hallmarks of tick-borne diseases. These diseases are generally transmitted (in our region) by the bites of infected deer ticks, which have reached epidemic proportions.

OHP incorporates leading-edge practices in clinical medicine and osteopathy, diagnostic testing and medical treatment with more traditional approaches to the building the body's natural defenses and healing.

  • We incorporate therapeutic nutritional food supplements to provide key metabolic constituents for repair and support of the body’s immune and endocrine systems.
  • We include nutritional intravenous vitamin/mineral therapy, high-dose vitamin C therapy and chelation to address insufficiencies, attack pathogens, and detoxify the body of heavy metals.
  • Because many of the tests we rely on are only available at specialty laboratories, we have created our own lab for collecting and preparing test samples, and coordinating testing and test result reporting.

Patient-Physician Relationship

Optimal Health Physicians (OHP) exists for one overarching reason – to be here to care for people who are dealing with persistent, highly complex and often debilitating medical conditions that have been difficult to diagnose or have not responded to treatment.

We are not a primary care practice, which means we can collaborate closely with your primary care physician and other health care providers, but we do not assume your overall medical care including routine health issues, hospitalizations or emergencies unrelated to our treatment.

Whether treatment is short- or long-term, the care we provide requires a close working relationship between our medical staff and patients in order to unravel the causes of illnesses, reach meaningful diagnoses, develop plans of treatment, and manage ongoing care. Even for the acute care of potential infections, we must devote a significant amount of time and attention to treatment and follow-up.

We believe that unless there is an established partnership between providers and patients, treatment becomes difficult to manage appropriately, and outcomes suffer. To ensure that we can monitor your health and manage your treatment appropriately, OHP has established policies and procedures to clarify patients’ roles in their own care and help focus communications.

Compliance is Essential to Treatment

It is essential that when you embark on a diagnosis and treatment plan you fully understand and commit to the schedules of office visits and testing that are recommended to you. Without regular office visits, it is impossible to monitor, interpret and manage your care. Without testing, it is not possible to measure the effects of treatment or confirm diagnoses. If you do not take your medicines as prescribed, no one will know if they are working for you or be able to make appropriate changes.

No amount of time and money spent on doctor visits, lab tests, prescriptions and other therapies can uncover the underlying causes of illness or guide effective treatment if patients do not adhere to their treatment plans and medical recommendations.

Lack of compliance can undermine any treatment plan and lead to uncertain outcomes. Further, every patient who absorbs the time and resources of this medical practice and fails to follow through with her or his care robs someone else of the opportunity for treatment.

The bottom line is that Optimal Health Physicians cannot properly care for non-compliant patients. It is medically unwise and inappropriate, and it is a waste of a patient’s time and money.